Crown Brush Review: C412 Deluxe Pointed Crease [MAC 224 Dupe]

I typically reach for a couple of different brushes when I blend my makeup. One is the MAC 217 brush (which I will be using interchangeably with the $5 dupe from Crown Brush). The other is the MAC 224 (middle), which I'll be mixing up with the C139 ($3, right) and C412 ($5, left).

The C139 (pictured right) is a bit smaller, and a bit more firm. I use it to pack color onto my crease. The MAC 224 (middle) is still a bit more fluffy, but the C412 (left) works just as well.

The 224 is definitely the longer of the bunch, but the handle size has never really been an issue for me.  Overall, I'm satisfied yet again! Crown brush for the win! For more information on the C412 on