Crown Brush Review: C320 Pro Precision Pointed Powder Brush

This week is dedicated to one of my favorite brands, Crown Brush. I bought 5 brushes during a Hautelook sale a few weeks back, and every day is dedicated to a new brush. I love Crown Brush because it's inexpensive, effective, and competes with even the most expensive brush lines.  I always get a few when I go to The Makeup Show.

The C320 Pro Precision Pointed Powder brush is large and grand.  It's as simple as that.  I bought it as large contour brush, although I typically use a smaller brush for this task. This is one of those brushes that you don't really need, but you buy it just to have it.  If you're a makeup artist, you'll probably find a reason to have it. You can order it directly from the Crown Brush website for $15.96, but I got it from Hautelook for $13.99.

Overall, this brush is as soft as the leading department store brush, at a fraction of the cost. Had I known about Crown when I started my love for makeup, I would have had an entire collection years ago!

Note: Hautelook link is an affiliate link!