Hauteblogger: The Blogger Comment Challenge

While perusing one of my favorite blogs, Independent Fashion Bloggers,I found a really cool article. It proposed the idea of commenting on 'x' amount of blog posts. ASHEMISCHIEF's goal was to leave 250 heartfelt comments on blog posts in one month. It's a really smart (and considerate) way to alert the blogger that there is actually a person with a heartbeat reading their content. Sure, it's nice if you leave a message on their facebook post or tweet them back with a reply to their blog, but leaving an actual blog comment is visible to everybody! Time and time again I find great articles that have 40 or 50 Facebook "likes"  and 2 blog comments. I understand that people may like a blog post, but not enough to comment.  I totally get it.  That's why I'm joining this challenge!

I follow a few hundred blogs on bloglovin. And by a few hundred, I mean well over 400. Most of them are fashion, interior design, food, tech and of course beauty blogs.  It's the fastest way for me to check in on what everyone has written, and it's easily categorized.  Gone are the days of opening blogs individually, with 44 tabs open and a slower laptop!

If you're going to start commenting on blogs, whether you have one or not, get a Gravatar and/or OpenID! When you fill in your email address, your gravatar image will automatically pop up.  It's a great way to put a face/logo with your comments. I can't even tell you how many times I've read comment sections of blog posts and read the commenters blog just because of their profile picture!

I'm not going to set a goal of how many blogs to comment on, but I'll definitely be sure to do it more.  I want these hard working writers that I follow to know I appreciate them enough to respond.