5 Lessons I’ve Learned about Travel, Fashion and Beauty This Weekend

I've claimed travel this year.  Lots of it. National and Interntional.  Since I only really go to NYC, coming to Santa Monica was a whole new travel experience! Aveeno and Recyclebank sent a slew of bloggers out to cover the Film Independent Spirit Awards.  It was an honor, and an experience like no other.  I had a freakin' blast. Here are some of the mental notes I've made since packing a few days ago..

1. This That Beauty and The Makeup Girl have been raving over Flight001's Spacepak. Apparently, it magically squeezes all of your stuff in your luggage, and you can get around with only a carry on. I managed to make it in flight with a carry on, but I don't have a lot to choose from.

2. I'm going to shop more often. It's so much easier to have options in your closet rather than freaking out when an event arises.  If I followed my own advice of having an army of dresses and pumps (as well as flats), I could avoid tireless hours of worry and mall-roaming.

3. Keep your camera around your neck.  I've seen more celebs today than I could have even imagined. [Edit: I added 3 more to the list after I wrote this article]. I've seen beautiful fashion, and lovely faces.  There's been awesome scenery too.  Had my camera been in my bag instead of around my neck, I would have missed it all. [I didn't snap pics of the celebs though, I'm no papp!]

4. We received a pair of Toms shoes in our gift baskets. I can't take them off.  They are so freaking comfy.  Had I seen them in Nordies, I would have never looked twice at them.  I'm totally buying my mom a pair! Plus...ever pair of these shoes purchased sends a pair to a child in need.

5.If you're going to drink all weekend, have water at your disposal. All the time. Seriously.

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