Black Up Cosmetics: What's the Real Deal?

Black Up Cosmetics. The "mystery" brand.  Back in 2003, my then beau and I took a trip to NYC for my first ever makeup class.  The only 2 stops that I had to hit were the MAC Pro store, and Macy's Herald Square to see Black Up Cosmetics.  I was broke as hell, but I intended to swatch and play with almost every product.  I don't remember much about the brand except it was way out of my price range [ah, the days of making $7 an hour].

Fast forward to today.  I've received 4 messages over the last week alone asking if this is a real brand.  They've got ads up on Youtube and through ad networks. The closest we get to a review is by the lovely Yinka of Vex in the City. I found a couple of vague posts on message boards. A few bloggers have news on their blogs saying that Black Up would be available in the US this year. If you're in the US, you can order from their new site,

The brand is so great because it's available to the countries that are often neglected by other brands.  You can find it in Ghana, Martanique, England, Angola, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Madagascar, all over France...seriously, it's very, very great to read that. I know the US can't win 'em all...but...what about us?! I'm dying to give this brand another shot! I'm a spoiled girl. In fact, many of us are.  How many of us search for swatches and reviews before we purchase? Until some legit info arises, I guess I'll twiddle my thumbs and hope for the best. If you've tried the brand and have product recommendations, please share with us below!

Edit: I found this article by Mylah Morales on the brand.