MAC Wonder Woman: Golden Lariat MSF Images+ Swatches+ Review

Right on schedule, MAC launches a Mineralize Skin Finish that gives a brown girl like me hope.  Hope that it gives me the bronze glow that only a couple discontinued products in the world do.

By the way, did you hear that I'll be doing a giveaway? There's a box in my house stuffed with over $350 worth of  MAC Wonder Woman goodies. Details will be announced shortly (and by shortly, I mean you'll just have to check back in and find out)!

Golden Lariat ($35) is another pretty nice MSF.  But that's all I can really say about it.  I can't tell you to run to your counter because it's so unique that it's going to sell out. Oh, and it's huge. Really huge. It's looking like these shades are the darkest we're going to get from MAC.  It's like the younger cousin of Warm Blend MSF [video review and tutorial], which was almost as great as it's grandmother Metal Rock [swatches and possible dupe].

Individually, the colors are really pretty.  I mean, you can pick up an eye shadow brush and use them one by one. In fact, I show you how to do that in this video. I used my blush brush, swirled it around the compact a few times, and picked up, well, pretty much the middle color.

The picture makes it really hard to judge.  Not just because I have on so little makeup, but because you can barely see the color! Looking in my own mirror, It looked like my skin had a glow.  Not the average out of a box glow, but one that I don't see all that often.  It looked like a sheer veil of perfection. What I'm also thinking is that it may look much nicer layered over a blush or bronzer.

Overall, this is a toss up.  I'm still in a tizzy about Metal Rock, so yeah. Try it on at the counter or store and see how you like it.  I'd say it gets a B, at least for my skin tone.  It's nice, but I could live without it. You can purchase Golden Lariat and the rest of the MAC Wonder Woman collection on, and in stores this week!

Note: This product was sent by the company for blog consideration.