Revamping My Closet: Classic Jeans by Levi's + My 1st Braid Out

I'm claiming a lot of things in 2011.  But to do these things, I've got to look good (among other things). Thus, I need to get my wardrobe in check (on a very limited budget)! I'm quick to buy a new lipstick or run to Startbucks or Chick-Fil-A, but I rarely shop for clothes! This year, I'd like a solid wardrobe of dresses, shoes (pumps and flats), cardigans, undies, jeans, the works.

My new Levi's jeans I purchased 2 pairs of jeans from Levi's, the 531's and 551's.  I love them!  They fit beautifully, I don't get out of breath trying to pull them up, and they won't go out of style. I've never been to the retail store, but I've been stalking the website for a few days now.  I see the collection is much larger online, but I'm hoping to go to the store next week and try a few different  styles and washes.

In the video, you'll notice I've got some rhythm to my hair. I tried a loc braid out on wet hair for the first time! I was very happy with the definition. By the time I created this video, I had my hair out for 5 days. The whole goal of this was to wash my hair and not have to retwist my hair (I'm lazy). I made some mistakes, and can't wait to try again and perfect it!