How to Choose Your Foundation by Skin Type

While this is an effective way to choose your makeup, it's one of my least favorite ways to do so. A lot of times this can hinder your options. For example, I like to wear cream foundations from time to time, even though they tend to make me oily. So, I use oil fighting primers and powder to keep the oil away.  This way, it's a win/win situation for me. Clinique is one of the best companies for breaking down your skin type. I've never used Clinique foundations, so I can't recommend any. They do have a pretty decent shade range and many different formulas.

Normal Skin

Luckily for you, you pretty much have your choice of anything on the market. Liquid, Cream and Powder foundations will work pretty good for you.

Oily Skin

You'll love foundations that have matte and oil free properties.

You may want to find primers that help with oil control.  Products like MUFE All Mat and MAC Matte. They have been winners in my book for years.  Sam Fine suggests using agents like these instead of applying moisturizers because it's counterproductive. That makes a lot of sense!

Dry Skin

Look for moisturizing foundations. Cream foundations are typically your friend.

One of the keys for you is to prep your face well before using foundation.  Use a thick, rich moisturizer to quench the skin.  Serums are also really great, because they produce "slip" and let the foundation "melt" into your skin. Make Up For Ever produces one called the HD Elixir, which instantly transforms your skin from dry to delish. Try using a mist like MAC Fix+ or Evian spray for a final moisturizing mist.


Be careful. The key word you're looking for is hyper-allergenic. Again, I think Clinique might be your best bet. Brands like Neutrogena, Almay, and Origins focus on healthy makeup.

If you choose your foundation by skin type, please share what products you use! You just might help a fellow makeup wearer!