Creating a Media Kit For Your Blog

Media kit template for bloggers For 3 of the 5 years that I've been blogging,  creating a media kit has been on my to-do list. This week, I finally completed it, and an immense weight has been lifted! Your media kit is an efficient way to let people know about your website.  It doesn't need a lot of fluff, and doesn't need to be over a page long.

Why You Need a Media Kit

  • This is the perfect way for potential advertisers to learn more about your blog
  • Interviewers or people who may want to feature you
  • PR companies that you are pitching want to see your credibility

What You Need in your Media Kit

  • Blog name and website
  • About Section (Give a one paragraph summary of what your blog is about)
  • Clear contact information (email, phone, fax [if desired])
  • Your Blog's Age (if you've had it for over a couple of years, this looks great.  If not, I wouldn't bother.)
  • Awards, Press mentions
  • Social Media Outlets + Follower Counts (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)
  • Ad rates, packages, sizes (Tell the advertiser where they can advertise on your blog ie 728x90 banner, 125x125 block and how long they can do so.  You may have a package that allows for ads for x amount of time and for z amount of dollars.)
  • Readership (averages per month) (I get all this information from Google Analytics)
  1. Absolute Unique Vistors
  2. Page views
  3. Total Visitors
  4. Average Time on Sime
  5. Bounce Rate


You can create a subpage ( or to have on hand for others.  Also, you can create a text document (preferably a PDF) to send as an attachment.