Bobbi Brown Foundations and Concealers

My latest beauty craze has been Bobbi Brown foundation. I'm not going to lie, this line of makeup used to bore me to tears. I was young and thought that neutrals were for women over 50.  Now that I'm older (and more mature), I can really respect the simplicity of this brand. Here's a candid overview of my [tiny] Bobbi collection.

Here are the Bobbi Brown face products that I own.  I've got a concealer palette, foundation palette and the foundation itself.

Left: The concealer palette includes the Dark Bisque corrector, Almond concealer and Pale Yellow Pressed Powder. I bought this years ago at a Cosmetic Company Outlet. I've actually never used the corrector. I highly recommend the concealer.  It's been rated as one of the greatest, with great reason.

Middle: Over the Winter months, I've been using Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Cream Compact Foundation.  It looks great all day, and I don't really get oily. I have no idea where it came from, but it was in my makeup stash and I randomly tried it.  I love it! I've been wearing it more than my usual Make Up For Ever foundations.

Right: The foundation palette includes the Dark Bisque corrector, Almond concealer and Pale Yellow Pressed Powder and Almond Foundation Stick. While I bought them at a Cosmetic Company Outlet, they are sold here on QVC.  There's no way I would pay $60 for this little thing!

Almond vs. Walnut: The colors look very similar, but I think Walnut has a hint more red, where Almond is more yellow.

The Coral Lip Quad includes True Beige, Coral Pink (top row) Guava and Ball Glitter Lip Glosses (bottom). I also bought this at a CCO. Some of the colors are still available here.

For more information, here are Bobbi's Concealers & Correctors, as well as her Foundations.

Here's a video tutorial on how I use these products.