Slatkin and Co. Holiday Candles at Bath and Body Works

I've got a love jones for candles and jazz music.  The two go hand in hand.  For the past few weeks, I've been walking into Bath and Body Works and smelling pretty much everything.  The Holidays are quickly approaching, so I'll slow down on listening to classic Miles Davis and the smooth Jose James.  I'm going to pick up Chris Botti's album, December.

The candles that caught my eye? Homemade cookies {Whipped buttercream and pure cane sugar mixed with vanilla bean and rich, sweet cream}, Tis' the Season {Golden apples, pine needles and holiday cider are combined with a touch of ground cinnamon} and Spice {The perfect Christmas spice – red hot cinnamon, warm clove and spiced orange peel}.

Check out all of the Slatkin Scents at Bath and Body Works. Candles start at $9.50.