Review: Woodberry Kitchen's BLT Salad

My co-worker Airic had been raving over Baltimore's famous Woodberry Kitchen for weeks.  He told me that it was all farm fresh, local, never frozen...and exclusive.  So exclusive that we had to plan out our entire day to get there exactly when it opened.

After scouring the menu, I chose the BLT salad was my entree. I am a major salad lover, but a complete punk when it comes to certain foods. The BLT salad looked like it was right up my alley. It was purely euphoric. I now know what a real tomato tastes like. The flavor was so intense, something I had never experienced before. The bacon was thick, chewy and definitely not out of a package.

The croutons were light but full of bready flavor.  They weren't over seasoned in the least. By the way, there's a hidden bit of fresh butter under the pile.  It's the perfect finishing touch. The salad was so good that I couldn't  stop thinking about it for days. Days, I tell you. One salad wasn't enough to fill me up, so for $10, I was definitely paying for quality, not quantity.

If you are within a few hours of Baltimore, you have no choice but to check out Woodberry Kitchen!

2010 Clipper Park Road, No. 126 Baltimore, MD 21211