Soup Croutons

While in Nordstrom, I figured I'd go to the cafe and pick up a jar of the coveted Roma Tomato Basil Soup.  It's insanely good, and at $6.50, you can't beat it.  I took a trip to Tastings Gourmet, a shop in Annapolis that I'd been dying to go to.  Their assortment of cheeses were more advanced for my palette, so I grabbed a sandwich (which I'll review later) and a baguette.

I love the crostini's that Nordies serves with their soup, so I decided to make my own version.

I grated some parmesan cheese to get the most fresh taste. Yum.

I drizzled the toasts with olive oil, and then rubbed each one with a piece of garlic. I couldn't forget fresh cracked salt and pepper.  I only put the cheese on one side.

I put them in the oven at 375 degrees for 10 minutes on each side.  I also loved the baked bits of cheese that landed on the foil so much that I purposely do this from time to time.  It's great to sprinkle on top of...anything. The result, perfection!