Nude Lips for Brown Chicks

My personal mission in life (this year) is to find the best lip colors ever.  I'm a lipstick hoarder, I don't think you can have enough shades (or makeup in general).  One of the most perfect looks for any woman will be the nude lip.  It gives you the option to do your makeup and style your look anyway you'd like to, with no restrictions.

Last month, I spent 70 hard earned dollars (and probably $10 worth of gas) to find a few great nude lip options to write about.  I tried a slew of shades, including lipsticks and glosses.  Of those, we've got NYX, Wet 'N Wild, Flirt!, and that random Vitamin E brand. My major disappointment with many of them were how sheer they were. Sheer color is fine, but that means we'll have to re-apply it 40 times a day. Who wants to do that?

I received some criticism about my staple nudes, MAC Underplay ($14.50, I heard it's available in MAC Stores only and I've heard it's discontinued, I have no idea) and Nars Honolulu Honey ($24). I raved over them and swore by them. Let's keep it real folks, you get what you pay for, and I paid good money for them. They are very pigmented, long lasting, and look great. Call me picky, call me choosey, but I like what works best for me. The goal was to find lip colors that are similar, less expensive and easy to find. The reality is none of the lipsticks were as good, but some sure did come close. If I tried them all and said they were great and just as good as my staple shades, I'd be a liar.
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