Beauty Blender Review

I receieved this tear drop shaped sponge and cleaner to review.  This is another product that I've heard the world go gaga over. When I first started using foundation, all I used were sponges, so this was a trip down memory lane. I used it to apply my foundation, and I wasn't all that impressed.  I am most definitely a brush girl when it comes to foundations.  As I stated my disinterest for the brand via twitter, I received loads of advice. Various people told me to wet the sponge first. This makes more sense, since the brush will become more easy to manage.  I sprayed the brush with Fix+, then applied my foundation, which was definitely much easier to apply.  It gave me the minimum makeup look that I wanted.  What I loved it for even more was wetting the brush, and blending my makeup.  This was much better than applying it with the sponge.

I wouldn't say that I'm head over heels for the sponge, but I can see why people love it.  Perhaps if I watched the official video, I'd like it more. I wouldn't buy it.

Note: This product was sent from the PR company for blog consideration.