MAC Cosmetics: Worth the Hype?

There are so many people that say they love MAC.  They love to see the many, many collections every year.  They love the color payoff and selection.  They love the aura at the counter or the store.  They love what the company represents.  Some are bandwagon fans.  And then, there are some that loathe MAC.  They say it's just too pricey.  They think the makeup is nothing special. While trying to improve my blog last year, I created a poll to ask people about what they liked, disliked, wanted to see more of, etc. It was startling to see how many people filled out "You use too much MAC" in the dislike section.  This was an open form, there was no option about MAC anywhere.  Of the +450 entries that I received that day, about 100 of them said that I feature too much MAC.

Much of the controversy deals with the price.  Call me crazy, but many drugstore products are almost the same price as MAC products.  The L'oreal Lipgloss that I almost bought last week was $12, while the MAC gloss is $14.50.  There are often drugstore coupons and BOGO's, so I would wait for them and never pay that $12. Let's keep it real, MAC is one of  the least expensive department store brands out there. Companies like Stila, Estee Lauder, Dior, Smashbox, Lancome, etc. cost significantly more.

Personally, I love MAC.  I've been using them for 9 years, and I'm usually happy with what they offer. Certain collections were so good that I would buy them in their entirety.  I remember being a freshman in college, working a part time job, and going to the MAC store to purchase every Lusterglass when they debuted. As a blogger, MAC has so many colors and collections that it gives a lot of content to write about. If I were to do a look of the day everyday on my blog using MAC exclusively, I wouldn't repeat a look twice.

There are cons to the brand though. I hate that they have so many limited edition products.  I sometimes think it's supposed to create a "need of urgency", as to sell out a product.  (Shoot, if the product is that hot, I'll probably buy a backup.) The pro program drives me nuts.  Seriously, why do we have to pay a fee to get a discount?  I get the same discount from other top brands for free.

I created a MAC Controversy video (watch it here), which received over 600 comments. It discussed the love and hate for the brand.  It was also a way for me to explain that I love MAC, but MAC isn't the only option as far as makeup goes.  If MAC doesn't have what you want, and it doesn't fit your ideal price range, move on.  It's really that simple. Here are 10 of the comments that I received from the video.

I bought a MAC shadow for 20bucks and could have slapped myself when ELF had a similar color for $1 you're paying in name only because so many colors that I see you all wearing I can get out of walmart and the color is better. Now I will say that the foundations just may be worth it, but the eyeshadows and lipsticks NOOOOO save your money!-Angelgurl2

i never knew mac existed until i joined youtube beauty community.-chonu

To be honest I think that some women just buy MAC for the name (like people who wear coogi) and they think it is a higher brand. I think people love to play keeping up with the Jones and it is a shame. I think that you should find things that work for you, don't let these companies dictate how and what you spend your money on. MAC does have great products but if I can fine the same in a cheaper brand I'm all for it. Oh and I went to the Becca & BB websites I think I will give Becca a try. Thanks-MissNisha2006

i think one of the main reasons i buy mac is convenience and availability. there's practically a MAC counter in every mall in the country that usually has all the same products. it doesn't matter where you live, you can find a MAC store easily. it's higher end, yet still affordable so it has become a common language among youtubers.-ring0rosie

I agree that Mac needs to stop releasing a collection every other week. It's becoming ridiculous, but what is more ridiculous is that people buy every single collection who aren't even makeup artists. It does seem a little cult like.-merriem24

when i first started watching youtube, i thought that MAC was the only thing that i should use, because everyone was using it. then, i found some common sense and only purchase a few things that i want, like the studio sculpt concealer and a few shadows, and the studio fix. i will NEVER buy a MAC brush as long as i have sigma, loew cornell, ecotools, and some quo.-savetheearth552

I think a lot of people feel that MAC no longer really cares about their customers. Like releasing collections every five minutes just to get at their money. There's also quite a bit of anger over the whole "reduce the amount of pigment but keep the price the same". Also like NARS blushes, MAC has a cult following, and manyu people will want to be part of that, so they will go and buy products much of which can be bought better and cheaper elsewhere. I like MAC but its hardly my life xx-savethelunchboxes

I actually have a friend who so called "hated MAC" but she didn't know why. I wanted to go get matched for a concealer & she ended up buying a lipstick and a lipliner. My point being, just as MAC has a cult following with people who don't know why they "love" MAC, there is another following of "haters" who don't know why they hate it! LOL you have to laugh at that. My cousin worked at MAC and got me into makeup. Youtube just fanned the flames.-theglamourmiss

I only own one MAC product but I understand why many Black women use MAC the way they do.Some time ago finding foundation for people of darker skin was almost impossible.MAC had the widest selection of shades for dark skin. Even I can't find a shade for me because most brands either only have two radically different shades for ppl with dark skin or no shades at all. Nowadays many brands have colors that match ppl with dark skin but the majority are still the expensive department store brands.-angelbones92

MAC and I have a wonderful history together! for a long time, it was the only co. in my area that had the edge i wanted and foundation to match my skin. Benefit had some amazing lipsticks a while back too. Big fan of them!Up until a few years ago, the options for high end edgy makeup in my area, other than MAC was limited. I always used beauty supply brands like NXY and Sinful, but when I wanted the luxe, I choose MAC. Glad we have a Sephora now. I love the options there too.-sss215

Do you think MAC is worth the Hype?Do you love it, hate it, or do you think it's average? Most importantly, do you think it's overrated? Leave a comment below!