Wearing Weaves For Hair Growth

It seems like every other woman (of any race) is walking out of their home with a weave in.  This could be a full weave, half, or a few pieces here and there.  Many women wear them for style reasons, they like to have a different look often or don't want to damage their real hair.  And there is a slight few who wear weaves for the single purpose of growing out their hair. The idea is to let the hair rest and grow with the lowest amount of manipulation.  It's insane how daily combing, finger playing, and product over-usage can retard the process. Overall, I think this is an excellent strategy. For instance, check out one of the best weave stylists that I've ever seen, Reniece.  She's a Maryland based stylist that has people buzzing. This woman is so in demand that she rarely takes new clients.  I met her a few years ago, as I was a candidate for a Healthy Hair Makeover.  My hair was natural, dry, full of color and driving me crazy. Because the excessive hair coloring, it was best that I not weave my hair, for fear that I'd have too much breakage. I was very disappointed, but very happy that she didn't withhold her opinion just to make some extra money.

While researching this idea, I was dumbfounded at the results of her clients! They come in every so often for maintenance and analysis of how the progression is coming along.  Here's a before and after page, including clients that have used Reniece's (and her sister Breon, also a master weaver) talents to get their hair to grow. The video below is the end result of the stylist's own progress. GORGEOUS hair. And the kicker is...she's 100% natural. I had NO idea. You can see her progress here in her photo album. If you have any questions about weaves, brands and products to try, etc., Reniece has a detailed FAQ section that is sure to help you out!

Did wearing a weave help your hair grow??