The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner Ever

This is yet another brand that I've heard people rave over, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Every makeup artist trade show that I attend, there are happy customers walking around with Parian Spirit bags. This time,  I tried the toilette.  Upon opening the package, I thought that it was dried out.  Little did I know that it was lightly coated in oil. With just a few quick swipes, my brush was clean and dry. In fact, there were two colors stained on the sheet, making me realize that I hadn't cleaned the brush very well prior to its previous use. Parian Spirit says that their brush cleaners disinfect as well as quickly dry.  This is why they are ideal for makeup artists.  Don't you hate working on clients and the brush that you want to use is still damp? After using this stuff, I'm retiring my MAC brush cleanser. Well, Maybe I'll use it as a pre-wash soak.  Eh.

You can purchase Parian Spirit from various sites, but I prefer trusty Alcone.  While you're there, pick up a few packs of sponges.

Image courtesy of Alcone.