Beauty Storage Solutions

I'm one of those beauty junkies that has more makeup than the highest sheet set thread count.  It's insane. Since 'disorganized' is my middle name, I'm looking for the best ways to organize everything.  I haven't decided to do it all by product (i.e. blushes, pigments), by brand or specific products (pink blush, neutral shadows). I've got several large and small Rubbermaid containers and drawers (from Staples and Walmart a few years ago) . I've also got a couple of train cases with miscellaneous products in them. It's time to get more specific.

I bought the Raritet container in the kitchen section from Ikea. It was $5, closes tightly and it's crystal clear.  Exactly what I wanted.  I bought two, one for MAC lipglass and one for MAC lipsticks. .  I wanted to stand them up, so they were easier to see and thus make quicker decisions. I knew I had a million of these two products, so this would be a great solution.  Honestly, if I can just organize all of my MAC collection, everything else should be a breeze.

This container holds about 70 lipsticks. It's perfect.

As far as the lipglass go, this storage system didn't work as planned.  The glosses are just a bit taller than the container, so the lid doesn't fit.  I placed the lid underneath, and I'll just leave it open for easy access. I couldn't find enough lipglass to fill the container, so it doubled as lipstick overflow. (I have been finding lipglass in random containers, as well as handbags, so my master plan is slowly working out.) In fact, I put my Flirt! and Nars lipsticks in here too, but have since moved them.

Ikea doesn't have the exact container that I used on the website, so you'll have to go to the store or inquire through the 800 number.  I've got a few more beauty storage solutions coming soon!