MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

MAC gets giant brownie points for the awesome new mascara concept.  Haute & Naughty Lash is literally two mascaras built in one. The hot pink handle holds the daytime, natural lash brush.  A few swipes will give you just enough definition.  If you use the purple sparkled handle, you've got dramatic, delish lashes.

Please keep in mind that I have very, very crappy lashes.  I need an absolutely amazing mascara if I'm going to give astonishing reviews.  This mascara isn't amazing to me.  The daytime side just isn't enough to see a noticeable difference. The purple side did separate my lashes a lot, which is a definite plus.  Maybe I didn't build enough, but either way, I'll stick to Zoom Lash!

Edit, July 8th: I've used this mascara 3 times since my initial review, and I do have to say that my lashes actually do look pretty good.  When I usually use mascaras with large brush heads, I don't get this much of a result.  My lashes didn't look outrageously thick, but I did see a difference.  So, it's still not amazing, but it's good!

Note: A sample of this product was provided for blog consideration.