Another Reason Why I love Solange

The day that I heard Solange's CD in it's entirety is the day I became a major fan. That same night, Warren and I saw her and Estelle in concert.  Every track is a banger, in my opinion.  Check this out..

I’m not becoming expectations I’m not her and never will be Two girls going in different directions Striving towards the same galaxy Let my star light shine on its own No, I’m no sister Just my God given name (ooohhh)

-Lyrics from God Given Name

I love a person who can march to the beat of their own drum.  Yeah, I follow her on twitter and read her blog. Her Refinery29 article came out last week, and people have been raving about it.  She's a free spirit, a gorgeous woman, and a strong willed individual.  Solange, we salute you!

Images Courtesy of Refinery29