Sam Fine Tweets Great Beauty Info!

Last night, while I was half asleep after a looooong day trip to NYC, I got a good dose of Sam Fine's beauty tweets.  If you aren't on Twitter, this is one of the kabillions of reasons why you need to jump on!  Here are just a few of the questions that he answered last night (in bold.) Follow Sam's tweets on his page,! Note: This doesn't mean to jump on and ask him questions all day and night, because he will probably get annoyed and not tweet as often!

Here's the twitter equation below: Sam's Answer= @The Tweeter's Username+The Question!

YSL #3: It's translucent enough to use on brown skin without looking ashy! RT @eclectikDream: what powder do u use when setting undereye?

@MONI1272000: Primer is like antiperspirant for the face... And they make specific primers to help keep eyeshadow from creasing!

Ladies! If ur oily, NOTHING will prevent u from shining! However, primers, loose & pressed powders help to REDUCE shine. #finebeauty

Try using an eyeshadow primer and matte shadows only, no shimmer. RT @MONI1272000: I use HiP eyeshadows, but my lids get oily...

@veronicaballs: Making ur own tinted moisturizer is SO easy! Mix part oil-free primer/part oil-free liquid! #finebeauty
Place a finger above ur lashes when applying & use a small brush 4 btm lashes. RT@septemberbleu: how do I prevent getting mascara on eyelids?
Trial and error! Drugstores take back used makeup! RT @Dawnavette: how do u find the right shade w/drug store brands?
I like Laura Merciers tinted moisturizer! RT @Lucy_Pearl: Could you suggest a good tinted moisturizer to use this summer?
Concealer, powder, bronzer, mascara & lipstick should take no more than 10/15 min.!! RT @Dawnavette: What r the essentials 4 a 10 min. face?
MAC, Iman, Black Opal stick foundatioasIdes as concealer.... RT @busybrowngirl: can u recommend a concealer for brown skin?