Curling My Hair the Easy Way: Lock Loops!

After the 4 billionth time of seeing someone with gorgeous curly locs, I bought my pack. Nikkimo75 and Kia of Yummy411.  Everytime they mentioned them, I wanted to grab my credit card.  So, here's how they worked. The website says you can use them on any hair type. There are several videos available on Youtube, just do a search and check them out! Imagine a longer, flatter, thinner sponge roller.  Just wrap your hair around it as it were a rod or roller.  Then, stick the arrow/pointed side into the hole at the other end.  Voila! You have comfy, excellent to sleep in, happy rollers.

I wrapped 5-8 locs in each loop. When my hair is still freshly palm rolled (up to a week and a half), I use mousse on my hair.  I had been using an archaic bottle from my relaxed hair days, but it's all I had. But, I just found this video review on Giovanni Mousse by seemyhealthyhair, which is all natural! I can't wait to try it! I do this so my hair doesn't unravel.  Otherwise, I wet my hair generously and use Oyin Shine N' Define.

Here are the results. The locs on the side were a little damp, so they didn't curl all the way around.  Either way, I love loc loops!   They aren't as tight as the rods that I usually wear, and give me the big bouncy curls that I adore! Order your set of 30 Lock Loops ($10) at!