Why We Sometimes MUST Wear More Than One Foundation

I took this picture with the intention of talking about lashes. On the left side of my face I'm wearing none, and on the right I'm wearing a random brand. But the more important issue is the line of demarcation on my forehead.  One can argue that I didn't blend up into the hairline.  I clearly didn't.  Whatever the case, I think I may need to really impliment the darker foundation around the forehead look.  I'm wearing Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in #175.  It's my fave. My go to.  And now, I'm realizing that I can't wear her alone...especially while taking pictures with a flash!  I took pictures in this foundation all night long, and it looked perfect.  I love the shade, it's the perfect match for me.  It's a well known fact that most Women of Color aren't one shade all over their entire face...and I'm a perfect example! I'll keep you all updated on my new, darker shade.  Time to go shopping!