Knocking Out Debt for a Happier Life

The article I wrote last year "Reducing Debt the Harmless Way" is still how I conduct business.  My bill payments are automatically deducted from my bank account.  I check to see what my balance is every couple of months, just to get me excited.  While doing my "Hmm, I wonder if my bill is almost paid off" dance today, I realized I didn't owe as much as I thought. No greater feeling than thinking I owed Neiman Marcus $300, and I only owe $98.  I'll pay it off this month. And in the mean time, I'll remember not to go back there and buy anything. (I don't buy Manolo's, just makeup.) My goal this year is to pay off the money I owe my school ($700 to one school, $1200 to another)  so I can go back and finish my degree.  I'm paying more than I can afford to, but I am beyond determined.  (Hey, feel free to donate to the Erin wants an education fund.  I don't bite. Plus I'll love you forever. j/k) I'm even writing my first e-book to raise funds, solely for my education.

Why pay all of these companies when I can just pay myself?  I've been really into money blogs, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite articles.  Hope they help!

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This isn't a blog, but I watched Oprah's Debt Diet on her show last week. It was really, really inspiring.

If you have any articles to share, please do!