Sexy, Glowy, Dewy Skin with MAC Studio Tech!!!

Ah, MAC Studio Tech. We have a love hate relationship. I absolutely love the buttery beautiful skin that it gives you. It's so sexy, I live for it. It just might be my favorite MAC foundation (other than the stick). I hate, hate, hate that it gets greasy in 8 minutes on my oily skin. If you don't walk around with a tissue to blot or powder, you're in trouble. And seriously, don't touch your face or let your face touch anything. You'll find a print of your foundation. Granted, this foundation is more-so for dry skin. But I can't help it, it's gorge!

This is one of the first Youtube videos I ever made. It's complete with my favorite headwrap, yellow lighting, and my beauty laden wall. I pretty much use the same technique to apply it. You can use any foundation brush or sponge to apply it, but buffing it in (as I do in the tutorial) is just perfection. Try it! Enjoy!