When is He Officially YOUR Boyfriend?

After my 7 years of being a Sex and the City fanatic (7 days left for the premier...*super squeal*), I am always amazed at how the the ladies throw around the boyfriend title. Carrie starts the scene like this:

Miranda and her new boyfriend, wall street broker Mike Mallow, just finished their 3rd date.  They loved the Yankees, Brownies and 19th century Biographies. He's the best boyfriend she'd had in months.

After 3 dates, I'm estimating that you've spent approximately 10-12 hours together. I understand that many of us are women, highly emotional creatures that sometimes act quickly. Personally, I have 10% Charlotte syndrome. After the first successful date, I always put the new man's last name on the end of mine, just to see how it sounds. Can't help it, it's just one of the things I do! (Don't judge me.) Is the man that you are seriously dating the (almost) automatic equivalent to your boyfriend?

I drafted this post months ago, in the midst of single glory. (Had to have a very clear head for this one!) After a certain age, however, when does a man really become your boyfriend? Now that I'm 25, I don't expect a man to say "Will you be my girlfriend?" Sure, it would be cute. But I wouldn't expect it, nor require it. Maybe you sit down together and just out it out there "I think we should make this official". Or maybe you never discuss it, you just let things be, and the title is implied.

After 7 dates, exclusively seeing each other, not looking for anyone new, meeting his best friends and ( insert the intimate sexual or imaginary sexual activities of your choice), is he yours? After 25 dates (after the 4th, who's really counting?), possibly meeting a few family members, public hand holding and things of the like, is it official? Or, in the social media/internet society that we're now engulfed in, is it really official once you've changed your relationship status on Facebook?

What do you think? When is he officially your boyfriend?

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