Thank God For Starbucks

I'm in NYC for the next couple of days on a mission. I'll deliver the scoop soon.  I'm in an awesome hotel, sexy for sure. wi-fi.  Well, there's no free wi-fi.  There's $13.95 a day wi-fi.  Guess who's not paying it! Luckily, there's a Starbucks about four blocks away.  I've got "corporate" guys looking over my shoulder, wondering the hell I'm doing on the lower East side. The man to my left was basically scrolling down my twitterfeed! WTF?

By the way...You'd be surprised by how many people spell my name "Aaron". It's as if that spelling is the default, and NO ONE knows that it's usually for men. Whatever. As long as my Caramel Macchiato tastes good!
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