Youtube Subscribers: Beneficial or Overrated?

Youtube is an internet power house that some look to as a library, a hobby or a meal ticket.  You start to create videos, and then hope to create enough interest to keep people coming back to you.  These people are your subscribers. Do subscribers guarantee you an audience?

Why They are Beneficial

Automatically Posts Videos on Youtube Homepage- Once people sign on, they will automatically see your name. If the video title looks interesting, they are bound to give it a click.

Numbers Count-Sometimes, people will see that you've got many subs, and will likely check you out to see what the fuss is about.  If you're impressive, they might subscribe.

Why They Don't Really Matter

No Guaranteed Views- Subscribers may hit the magic sub button based on one or two videos that you've created.  If you do nothing else to peak their interest, they might not watch.

Searchable Content-When people do searches on Google, Yahoo, etc. there is a possibility that it can pick up YT content.  It can be difficult to see where your traffic comes from (until you are a Youtube Partner, a whole other topic, coming soon!). hauteh

Unprecedented Ratios- I watched a video today with over 1.5 million hits, 30,000 subscribers.  Do the math.

The moral of the story?  Don't make subscribers your main focus.  Even if you have 2, treat them like gold. This does get hard to do after awhile, when the requests and advice messages start to pour in. Until them, focus on your content.  Make it real, make it unique, and most important, be yourself!  Phoniness and "acting" is blatant and trust me, we can all tell.