Four Things To Consider Before Starting A Blog

It's no secret that blogging is a world wide phenomenon.  People all over the world are blogging about everything that you can imagine.  Books, Boats, Beverages, and my personal favorite: beauty. Do you have a killer fashion sense?  Is your life so interesting that people would love to know more about you? If so, blogging could be a great opportunity for you!  Here are four things to consider when blogging. Read On For More...

Subject: What will you blog about?  You can be a niche blogger and stick to one topic.  You can just talk about your day to day life.  It's completely up to you.

Time Management: How much time can you devote to blogging? Will you blog 10 minutes a week, or 10 hours a week?  Some people blog everyday, and each post is scheduled to start post at midnight EST.  Would you rather post when an event takes place?

Presentation: Layout is critical.  If your blog is plain and drab, you'd better have some damn good content. But then again, if you're a good enough writer, people will come back no matter what.

Your Advantages: What will you get out of blogging?  Are you looking to share your passion?  Are you looking to meet people with similar interests?  Are you wanting to score some extra cash?

If you are  semi-confident that you can handle these steps, come on over to the 7 Steps to Creating A Blog page.  Good luck and happy blogging!