Tutorial: How to make Your Eyeshadow Colors Pop!

One of the reasons that many people don't get the best color payoff is because they aren't utilizing bases. Bases not only make your shadows last longer, they make them stand out!  Let's re-cap. There are matte bases and creamy bases.  I typically use the matte bases alone for a soft matte look. When I want color to pop, I layer the creamy base over the matte. Creamy bases are known to crease easily, so this is why I layer them with a matte. Check out my guide to eye shadow primers for more info! I'll demonstrate how to make your eye shadows look more vivid and more expensive! I'll be using the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Horseraddish and the Covergirl Queen Eye Shadow Quad in Blue Notes.  To be completely honest, I was extremely disappointed in the color payoff of the Covergirl shadows.  There was virtually no pigment to them.  Nevertheless, I was determined to make my $5 purchase work!

Read on for the step by step picture tutorial on how to make your eyeshadows pop!

I used the sponge tip applicator to apply the shadow to my bare hands. There is a dust of shadow on my hand. This is why I felt like I wasted my money. This is the perfect example of the saying "You Get What You Pay For".

In this picture, I applied the NYX Horseraddish Jumbo Eye Pencil as a base for my shadow.  It's very silky, and glides on with no pressure.  So many people recommended them on the internet, so I picked up a few.  My favorite is the white pencil, Milk.  It works with every eye shadow color!

I layered the shadow on top of the Horseraddish pencil. The final result: the color looks more vivid, and it will stay on much longer!