Help! I Look 5 Shades Lighter In My Pictures!

Have you ever wondered why you do your makeup and you look great in real life, then you take a picture and you are 10 shades lighter? It's a common makeup question that baffles people daily. It's one of the questions that pops up in my inbox every few days. The biggest culprits, talc and spf. Here's an example from New York Fashion Week:

In this picture, the model looks as if she was evenly glazed with white foundation. This picture was taken with my camera flash on.

In actuality, her foundation matched her impeccably. In this picture, there is no flash.

Many people find this a problem while using MAC Studio Fix, among many other brands and products. I did too. Here are some things that I have been doing to help combat the problem.

1. Setting with a Mist-I am constantly reaching for my MAC Fix+ to get rid of the "powder" look. If you don't have it, try standing in the bathroom as the hot water from the shower steams up the room.
2. Applying another powder- I love the Make Up For Ever HD powder because it sets well. Try using a bit of that over your foundation, or even over your powder.
3. Tinted Moisturizer-If your foundation is the problem, try mixing your foundation and moisturizer together to "dilute" the mix.

Does the "ghost face" syndrome happen to you? If so, which products are you using, and how did you stop it? If this never happens to you, which products are you using that keep your fabulous, flash or no flash?