Dupe Alert: Make Up For Ever Star Powder vs. Jesse's Girl Star Dust in Cafe au Lait

I really have an undying love for Make Up For Ever.  They are an all around fantastic brand.  But they are not easy on the pockets.  I now have 5 or 6 Star Powders and I can' t live without them!  So, imagine my surprise when I bought Jesse's Girl Star Dust in Cafe au Lait, and it was literally the same (and a $15 price difference)!
To make sure I wasn't hallucinating, I showed my make-up artist buddy Meagan Shea.  Not only did Meagan confirm my discovery, she gave me the "Oh my gosh, how is this possible?" look. Yep, it's the same look I had last week.

Each color looks and feels the same.  There was no difference whatsoever. What a great dupe, huh?  Jesse's girl can be found at select Rite Aid drugstores.  I bought mine for $4 each!