7 Great Makeup Boys on Youtube

There are oodles of women on the tube talking about makeup, but I have to give some love to the fellas. You know that when you go to the counter, the men that work there will almost always sell you the world, they're fun, they are just different in an awesome way! Here are 7 of my favorite boys on Youtube. Make sure to check out their channels and look at some of the other videos that they have to offer. They all have hours worth of tutorials, hope you've got some extra time on your hands! Oh...don't forget to tell them Scandalous Beauty sent ya! P.S. If you know of any other makeup boys that we must see on the tube, let us know!

Petrilude is a mua that I've followed for years! I remember him from the MAC Cosmetics group on Livejournal. He had the hottest brows! When I found out he was on Youtube, I knew he would take over. The man is a phenomenal artist! He's not limited to just beauty makeup, his Halloween makeup series is on a whole different level of artistry. You'll be stunned when you see what he has to offer.

Boylre is known for his very in depth breakdowns of products. He's got several reviews on individual brushes and products, collection hauls and things of the like. I especially like his posts on color theory and parts of a makeup brush.

Ah, Richie Nickel. I don't know how I found him. He's such a fly Brit!!! It was like yesterday when he shouted me out for mentioning him on my channel. Now, the has almost double the amount of subscribers that I have! He not only talks makeup, but he's got a bunch of fashion videos too. And when I say he knows fashion, he knows fashion!

Mario Dedivanovic is usually seen as the right hand man of Kim Kardashian. He's got a three step guide to creating a look, and Kim is his model! This man is such a great artist, we've all got a ton to learn from him. I also read his blog religiously, and tried to recreate a green look that he did on Kim a few months ago.

Gossmakeupartist is another valuable source. He does lots of makeup reviews by brand, as well as tutorials. He's got over 150 videos and they are all very informative. He speaks clearly and explains everything very well.

Davidsito987 was a great find for me! He's got such a warm heart! He hot, and so sweet! I found him when he entered the ScandalousBeauty/Billy B. makeup contest. His Christina Aguilara look scored him first place. Check out his page, he's featured video is him in drag, and he's drop dead gorgeous!

JRthegreat1 is a new subscription for me. I found him last week while looking for drag makeup tutorials on the tube. He's got a crazy attitude and some wild tutorials. He's a lot of fun and I've got a lot more tutorials to watch by him! Many of them feature his alter ego and drag persona, Rhea!

EDIT: I just found a new Makeup Boy! His name is ThesPNation. Don't have too much to say about him yet, just found him 6 minutes ago! Check out his Style Black makeup look, haul and swatches!