Common Makeup Misconceptions by Everyone!

I have to share this video again after seeing many wrong things in New York over the past few days. Why are we still wearing white eyeliner on the lid people? It's just wrong. I know I've said there are no rules, but maybe I lied. White liner on the lid is an exception to the rule. Just don't do it. I compiled this list of points that I wanted to share years ago. Here's another example. In the picture to the right (taken last year), I'm wearing pink blush along with some wrong highlight or powder. Although I was playing around with my makeup that night and wasn't leaving the house...why would I even apply it? Better yet, why would I snap a picture? Eh, I don't know. But MAC Copper Sparkle Pigment was hot on my lids! My point is...this look was just wrong. While reading the 400+ comments that it has received, I realized that this video should be reviewed by people of every skintone! Seriously, you might refresh your makeup memory or maybe even learn something!

I've got plenty of fashion week coverage on the way! Stay tuned!