Scandalous Beauty Featured on!

Scandalous Beauty was featured as a Top Beauty Blogger on! How freakin' crazy is that? Amazing, but still mind blowing. After years and countless hours behind several different computers, we've received such an impeccable honor. I stand in great company with three other bloggers who I have adored for years. I'm not just saying that either, I truly mean it. I've left many a comment on each of their blogs over the years! They include Tia of Shake Your Beauty, Patrice of Afrobella and Julia of All About The Pretty. I've dedicated a little something to them, but that will be out sooner than you can imagine. So, I thank you all for the love and support and countless hours that you have supported Scandalous Beauty and I! Please, my dear friends, use me as an example that if you put your heart, mind and soul into something, you can make it come true! This is greater than a passion to me (anyone else sick of that phrase?),it's becoming very clear that this is my life's purpose. I intend to keep bringing you the hottest beauty info, makeup guides and tutorials. Just like the movie trailer implied, we have so much more in store for you over the upcoming months. Plans and agendas have been made. Scandalous Beauty is on the move!

In the feature, there's a compilation of our favorite beauty buys for hair, makeup and skin. It really is a great article, I've written down 5 products that I'm going to have to try! Can't wait to see who made part II of the list! Read the article for yourself, I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so very much for the honor, Essence team!