Exclusive: Beyonce' Live In Concert!

Wednesday night posed a great problem for me. At 5:45ish in the evening, my cousin called to inform that he had an extra floor seat to the Beyonce' concert. Of course I was going to say yes...but geez...this left almost NO time to finish my project at work, clean up, drive home in rush hour traffic, find a hot outfit, complete hair and makeup, drive back downtown, find a good parking space and get into the show before Bey's set began!

In a nutshell: Bey is one of the best performers I have ever encountered. I went to her concert last year and was fully satisfied. Granted, a few things were the same as "The Beyonce Experience", but I'm not complaining! I don't want to tell you too much about the concert, because I'm sure that many of you are going! Plus, if you follow me on Twitter, you got a pretty descriptive play by play as it all happened. I loved the covers that she did, once from Sarah McLachlan and another from Alanis Morissette. She killed them both.

The sad part is that our show wasn't close to sold out. There were tons of people there, but the nosebleed sections were virtually empty. Apparently, many of the ticket sales dropped dramatically in price the day before or the day of the concert. All in all, don't assume that you can't afford to go. Check out Ticketmaster.com and see if there is availability in your town. You do NOT want to miss this!!

This is on the big screen backdrop, you can see her band to the left and right.

She's flying!

Here's a bit of the crowd. I still can't get over all of the Kanekylon and Yaki in that building.

Was she looking at me?!?! Nope, she was looking beyond me...

Admiring her fans...

You've gotta love all the textures and colors of hair in this shot!