Oyin Handmade

I'm really starting to convert myself over to the fully natural side. Many of you have suggested using products that are all natural, because natural hair doesn't need or can't sustain all of the drama packed into products for those with relaxed heads. I can somewhat see the reasoning behind all of this. So, within my months as a natural, I have brought several products from Oyin Handmade, a company that many people have recommended. I have read about them on several videos, forums and websites. My latest purchase was recommended from Reniece, The Weave Specialist. Since she does the most fabulous hair that I have seen in a very long time, I went and purchased a bottle! She said that Juice and Berries is a great moisturizing agent, and since my hair seemed a bit dry, she told me to go ahead and try it. I'm waiting for it to arrive in my mailbox any day now. When I actually think about it, I own quite a few things from the company. I'm on my third bottle of Honey Hemp Conditioner, which smells insanely delish. It can be used as a wash out or leave-in conditioner. It's not super thick, and really brings out the curlies!

My new obsession started when I tried the sample pack about a year ago. I didn't really understand my natural hair then, and I don't fully understand it now! But, I seem to understand a few more things now. For instance, Shine and Define didn't do anything for me when I bought it. Then, a lady told me to section my wet hair, and run this through. Out of no where, COILS!! Wow, all that time I had this in my little stash, and it works great!!! Also, I forgot all about Whipped Pudding!!! It smells like chocolate, it's based with shea, and really makes my hair feel great. I just read the description, which states that if you mix it with honey, it makes a great pre-shampoo treatment!!! Amazing!!!

Oh, Guess What?!? There is a sale going on right now!! If you purchase between August 10th and August 31st, you'll receive 10% off of your order! Check out the details here.