Reneice, The Weave Extraordinaire

It is only fitting that I let out the hair forum secret about one of the baddest stylists around. I'm going through a hair crisis, as you noticed from the prior post, and hiding my hair is essential. I don't want to wear any fake looking wigs anymore, I think it's time to contact the heavy hitters.

A few years back, I remember finding the website of a hair weave specialist who did some out of this world hair. I'm not talking about just any old regular looking weave, but I mean the most undetectable, natural looking weaves. I mean really, I look at her site constantly. I am not hyping her up, because I don't know Reniece at all, nor would I rave about something that wasn't worth it. But I know amazing hair when I see it, and I know that I would rock her styles ANYTIME!!

For a natural girl like me, I would opt for a full head weave, where all of my hair in concealed and braided. If you just want some added length or volume, you could choose a partial weave. One way or the other, she makes all of the clients that she has done look like they were born with some beautiful, beautiful hair. She has a wide array of services, and to be honest, I hear nothing but amazing things about her!

I really love her Frequently Asked Questions section, where she goes into precise detail about the services that provides, the type of hair that she uses (which I love, because I can't stand to see shiny, fake textures in people's heads!!!), weave care and all the oodles of questions that we have. This particular Q & A caught my attention.

Q:Do you care for damaged hair?
A:Of course! That is the focus of my business. I truly enjoy the challenge of whipping damaged hair back into shape. I care for the natural hair while installing protective styles (weaves). Please note that it is not necessary for someone to wear weaves to grow their hair out though.

Every client's hair needs are different so the the regimens may vary from client to client. I have started coming up with hair growth/health plans that clients can follow for the best results.

Although I mainly provide hair extension services, I am mainly concerned about the health of your natural hair. So if I feel that your hair may not be suitable for a weave/extension service, then that service will not be rendered (by me).

That little testament right there assures me that Reniece's contact information will stay in my phone. And let me tell you, this lady is HARD to book an apartment with. I inquired last year, but never fit in the schedule. That's because women are flocking from the highs and lows of the country (or so I'm assuming!!) to get an appointment with her!!

For more information on Reniece, and to see the tons and tons of work that she has done, feel free to check out her website at