The Hot stuff at MAC Pro!

Since The MAC Fetish is officially no more *sniff*, I decided to post an article or two. This post was created back in March during Fall/Winter Fashion Week. The MAC Pro store not only sells products you can find at your local counter or store, but they also sell exclusive products that celebrity makeup artists, and makeup fanatics use as well. MAC Senior Artists create and try the products. All of the products are backstage tested, and then the products launch at MAC Pro. If they do exceptionally well, they hit retail locations.

What's coming up...6 Neon Pigments (now available!!!)...
Metal Pigments...Due sometime this summer!! I believe the metal pigments are the same that are already available at the pro locations. They are pictured to the right!

Lip erase is a lip conditioner that is available in two shades. It creates a nude lip, essentially making the lip "disappear".

There are some lipsticks coming out, using a patent pending formula. They remind me of Fafi "Fun and Sexy" lipsticks. OH. MY. GOSH. We gasped when we swatched them!!! These products are currently being used and tested backstage at Zumanity!

Featured Pro Products
Invisible Pro Set- Talc and Mica based, this helps set your makeup and keeps it on for prolonged periods of time. Apply it with a powder brush, let it set for 15 minutes, and it's invisible!

Paintsticks-'Highly pigmented, emollient colour stick. No grease or shine. Apply to skin directly or with a brush. May also be sheered down with a sponge.' Nocturnelle Plum was breathtaking!!! This color can be found on the top row, second stick from the left. Right below the paintsticks are Chromacakes, which MAC describes as 'Solid water-colour cake activated with water. Highly pigmented opaque matte finish. Sheers down easily. An amazing product for body painting and fake tattoos. Available in a wide range of shades including primary, secondary, neutral and fantasy. For a smoother application with colours such as White, use Mixing Medium: Face and Body instead of water. This will provide a creamier texture and more play time. To create pearlized finish, brush a M·A·C Pigment over the Chromacake after applying to the body."

There is a reflects glitter that is called Sparkling Warmed Red. I packed it on top of the Nocturnelle Plum Paintstick...OUT OF THIS WORLD SEXY!!!!!!!!! It was absolutely unbelievable!!!!!! There it is in the picture of my hand, closest to my wrist off to the left. Can you see this??

We sat around the lab space and played with all kinds of new products, there was so much there! If you want to order products from MAC Pro, and you can't get to the store, feel free to call 1-800-866-6464 to place an order. You can order any MAC pro products that are available on the site.

Stay tuned for more on the exclusive!