MAC Patina Eye Shadow...A Silent Killer!

One of the most underrated eye shadows that MAC makes, IMO, is Patina!! The color is kind of weird, it's like all of the colors on the schematic fell, smashed, and got packed into one little case. If you swatch it on your hand, it may bore you, but on the eyes, it's perfect!

This is a picture of me wearing Patina on the lid, with a little bit of Femme Noir shadow in the outer lid. This is a shadow that goes with literally everything, and it works well if you decide to smoke it out too!! If I were to create a perfect daytime palette, this would definitely be in it! Can you see that the color is soft, but adds a bit of color? Patina is described as "Muted taupe brown with golden shimmer".

Another interesting note about this color is that it sort of changes color depending on the color of the base that you use. I used Tan Ray paint that day, but it is discontinued, so I would now use Groundwork Paint Pot.