Sex And The City....AMAZING!

You'll receive no spoilers from me, but I must let you know that Sex And The City was all that I could have hoped for, and much, much more. It was absolutely amazing, and I absolutely will be going to see it again! Best. Chick. Flick. Ever. (Or maybe I am just biased because I've loved the girls since '98.) I went to the noon showing, and there were oodles of women there, and they all had the "Oh-My-Gosh-The-Day-Has-Arrived" glow, just like me!!! Of course we had to have Cosmopolitans afterward (3 pm)..and umm, we had WAY too many of those!!! All of my friends called me today because they just knew that I'd see it opening day. And I had to give them the scoop, because naturally, most of them are males that have no desire to see the movie what so ever. As I rambled on and on about the movie, they grew tired and promptly gave me a "Oh ok, glad you liked it. I gotta go." The Fashion. The Script. The Emotions. Amazing, I can't get enough!!! So, grab your girls and see the movie this weekend! Don't forget the tissues!!!! As for me...I'll be reading the official SATC blog...again.