Carrie, Laptops, Men...and Scandalous Beauty ; )

I'm at my computer feeling very Carrie-esque. I mean, how dare I say all that. But I can't help it. I'm sitting at my desk watching Sex and The City ( Carrie writes the poem for Miranda's decorator's wedding) in my new Kenneth Cole over sized, super comfy wool sweater. Come on, it was on sale. Anyway, I am so dumb stupid crazy excited, because Scandalous Beauty is making a name for itself!!! As I am perusing MySpace, I see that Kevin Bennett has wrote about us! Make Up For Ever is taking over my vanity, and I'm sure it will have that affect on you too, sooner rather than later. If you don't know about Mr. Bennett, you've got to do your research!! He is now the newest mastermind at Make Up For Ever, he's full of personality and zest!!! Love him!!!

Also, my imaginary uncle Billy B. has also given us a shout out!! You all know how I feel about him, and now he definitely knows, because he commented on the video that I devoted to him!!! I just can't get enough of his infamous smoky eye, the perfectly well blended lip, and his addictive brushes!!!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for Scandalous Beauty, and thank you all for your support!!! I'll be at the movies at midnight for SEX AND THE CITY, THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!