I know you haven't forgotten about one of my favorite MAC girls, Tati. I just got word that she is in a contest for a reality TV show hosted by Ru-Paul! The show is based around the hottest Drag Queens, and to be featured, you need to have popular demand! Let's vote for her!! (Or send her picture around the internet to show our other girl friends how hot she is!! I sure did.) I am so excited for her, because she is young, hot and sexy! I mean had NO clue at all that Tatianna wasn't the name she was born with!!! I'll be voting once a day, everyday! Go ahead and vote for her here at,
so we can make her dreams come true!! And please check out this new footage of Tati performing...ummm...this girl is AMAZING!! She was tearin' that dance up!!!

She also has some new pics that I have never seen before (why are you holding out on us girl??), looking absolutely lovely as usual. That's my girl!!!

If you didn't see it before, make sure you say hello to Tatianna on her Myspace page. Good luck boo!!!

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