AJ Crimson, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Super cutie AJ Crimson has a brand new website, and a brand new blog! We already know that AJ has been doing makeup for celebs such as Lisa Raye, Latoya Luckett, Amerie and many, many more. But did you know that he has a brand new collection of foundations and powders as well?? I saw them sitting on the table at The Makeup Show but didn't get to swatch them at all. Didn't want to go and stick my fingers in anything! I made sure to get a picture of the bad boys though! There he is, clad in white dress shirt and uber cute glasses. See, didn't I tell you that Keisha looked fierce that day??? LOVING the dress. I didn't get a chance to even say hello to AJ. I really wanted to introduce myself in person, we had previously talked on the phone. Don't you remember? Scandalous Beauty had an exclusive interview with Keisha and AJ about the "First Kiss" collection of Kissable Couture lipgloss. I am really, really loving the set up of AJ's website. He makes it look very personal and very real, aren't we all so sick of these "cookie-cutter" sites??? So, check out his website, and you definitely can't miss out on his blog. Much to my surprise, I check out the blog, and who is featured other than my darling Warren B. talking about how much he loves Kissable Couture and respects AJ Crimson as an artist!!!