A "Natural Beauty" with Johnny Lavoy

Had to share this with my people! Celeb hair stylist and make-up artist Johnny Lavoy shares some tips on his spread for On Makeup Magazine. I know that every make-up artist that is reading this blog right now has a subscription, riiiiight?? I'm thinking about sleeping in Port Authority Bus Station just so I can watch his seminar next Monday at The Makeup Show!! Well not all that, but I SO wish I made reservations at the super sexy, ever-so plush W Hotel like I did last year!

I love the way that Johnny has this Natural's hair styled, very free and whispy. For some reason, if I saw someone out and about with their hair in like this, I'd probably question it. But for this photo shoot, her hair is so very fitting. I'm just getting kind of sick seeing everyone with long, flowing weaves. Again, I'm not a pushy natural, it's your hair, and you should do you!

Also, I am LOVING the cranberry colored cream blush. The model's skin is so deep, and the blush just sets her skin off!!! I'm so loving it! And that burnt bronzy orangish pigment (possibly MAC Pink Bronze pigment??? Hmmm....) toward the end is luscious!!!