Scandalous Interview: Brandi

About a year ago, I was on a Myspace rampage looking for makeup inspirations, people who had the baddest makeup out there! I was on the computer until the wee hours of the morning, searching and adding, searching and adding.

And then I found Brandi. Look at this woman's face!!!!!!!!! She so fly I can't stand it! Here's a little Q & A.

Q:How long have you worked for MAC?
A: Five years

Q: What are some great MAC eyeshadows that look great on the lid?
A: Really anything, i love to see the purple tones on African American women. Sable, sketch, nocturnelle, fig1, haux are all great purple/plum tones. And of course carbon(black) is a must!

Q:Which 3 MAC brushes are must haves for us??
A:#190 (foundation), #224 (blending) #217 (blending) and one more is a must #266 (liner).

Q:What are some pretty lip combinations that you could suggest?
A:Ladies color on the lips is the new in thing! let go of that chestnut(brown) lip liner and pump it up with color. The hottest thing right now is lush-n-lialic lip pencil with up the amp lipstick for darker skin add vino or currant as your lip liner!! You can gloss this up with opal lusterglassss. Don't be scared of color if you where it with confidence it will look even better.

Q:Your eyes look AMAZING. How do you achieve this look? Details please!
A:Everyone wants to do their eyes the thing is i've been in the makeup industry for 9 years and PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!! The main trick is the right brushes; you have to have the correct tools to achieve the look. And do what fits you if you can't put a 4 color shadow combination on your eyes don't do it!! You do best when you conquer each step so first do your 2 colors and make it flawless and then add that third one, once that's achieved it's up hill from there soon you'll be taking my job(lol!!!)Don't stress ladies make up is to enhance your beauty that's already there not take it over and turn you into Beyonce make your look work for you!!!

Q:Your face looks just as AMAZING!!! How did you acheive this look? Details please!
A: Skin care is this first step to having flawless make up.The better your skin looks the better your make up looks!!Once again brushes play a major role, use brushes for everything!!!Most importantly make your look you don't do to much, but then again don't do to little find your happy medium with make up!!

When I first met Brandi, I asked her about some of the products she like to use on herself.
-Studio Tech
-Coppertone Blush
-Embark & Folie in the crease
-Cushy Lipliner

Brandi has, like, a quarter of a million FLY pics up on her myspace page! To view them, search for her using or go directly to her page here! If you say hey, let her know you came from Scandalous Beauty, I want her to know how much we appreciate her advice!!!

Edit: Apparently her page is set to private, so add her as a friend. I'd send her a message letting her know who you are and where you got her page info from, I'm sure she'll understand...she is super nice!!