MAC Holiday Swatches

It's going to be a very, very expensive Holiday for us MAC fiends. I've been making swatches of the Holiday sets for the past few weeks now, and I want you to really see how they look on brown skin. To the left, I've created swatches of the SoftSparkle Eye Pencil Set, which is SO hot if you like to be creative with your eye makeup!! From top to bottom, we have Nightsky, Peacocked, Iris Accents, Reflecto, and Goldenair. Wearing loose glitter around the eye is not safe, that's why these pencils are so convenient!

To the right, I have swatched the Cool Pigments and Glitters set, which is absolutely detrimental to life if you love beautiful colors. From top to bottom, the colors include Reflects Blue Glitter, Helium, Softwash Grey, Naval Blue and Forest Green. Even if you have never used pigments before, this is a fun set to start out with. There is also a Warm Pigments and Glitters set, filled with browns and golds, which of course look great on our skin.

All the rest of the swatches will be over on our sister site, The MAC Fetish.