Post #200! Featuring....Billy B!

Can you believe the 200th post has arrived!?!?

I'm so sorry for being out of whack lately. I'm hesitant and trying to be on my P's and Q's...I've been filling out my internship applications for Summer 2008, and I'm soooo nervous!!! God has blessed me in a plethora of ways..but can y'all imagine me working in Essence' office under Ms. Tasha Turner and Ms. Pamela Edwards?!?! That would be the biggest accomplishment ever!!! *Feeling all Giddy Inside*

Anywho, I've been working on some video tutorials for us. I can't upload them to YouTube without a fight, but I'm going to figure it out.

So, for this occasion, I've decided to tell you about my bout with Uncle Billy...Billy B. that is!!!

I know that I don't have to tell you how much I love Billy B. The man is bad. I went to a seminar that he had for The American Beauty Tour, sponsored by The Powder Group.
I'd been working on a video tutorial to showcase the smoky eye that he taught us, but it appears that I'm not

Here are some tips:
-Billy loves Black Opal Foundation, the ones in drugstores!
-Also loves Face Atelier foundation, gives a beautiful finish
-Loves M.A.C. Smolder Eye Kohl
-Loves L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara, it's an old faithful
-Usually does brows last
-Ardell lashes in 110, 21, 53 and 45 are staple items..yep, the ones in drugstores! (I'm not sure, but I'm assuming this means mega stars Bey and and MJB are wearing these lashes?!? Billy had us thinking they were in some $50 Shu Uemura's!)
-As an easy way to apply eyelashes, use the glue and apply it the same way you would a liquid liner, then stick the lashes right over it. GENIUS.
-Keep your eyes out, he's coming out with a reality television show AND a book!!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!

I also got a set of Billy's brushes. Oh my goodness. These brushes are love. Why do I feel like my old ones are from the dollar store? It's been over 2 weeks since I've had the brushes, and I use them everyday. Every single day. I did a photo shoot the other day, and I used the brushes there too. I'm not throwing my MAC brushes out, but they definitely have competition!

-Brush no. 1 is the traditional foundation brush, and instead of pushing your foundation around, it spreads it evenly and thoroughly

-I've been using brush no. 8 to apply my eye shadow, and when I want a precise crease, I wipe off the excess and put it there too

-Billy literally paints mascara on bottom lashes with the no.9 ingenious

Not only was I there, but so was The Makeup Girl!!!

This is part one of the Billy B. extravaganza. In the next post, I'll tell you more in depth tips that Billy gave us, even more ideas on how to use his fabulous brushes, the step by step directions on Billy's infamous smoky eye, and much more! Stay tuned!! For more information, check out!!!