Make Up For Ever..Inside Scoop!

I decided to re-post this article as a bit of an introduction to the tutorial.

Make Up For Ever is one of my favorite lines, as you all know. I brought a model and photographer with me to do an exclusive Fall trend shoot with the team.

While Makeup Artist Kareth Whitmore did the makeover, she gave me the scoop on the brand. MUFE doesn't sell skincare, because they focus solely on makeup. Their products are used to grace the faces of the Water Ballet. Think about it...this makeup last through hours of being submerged under water. Can you imagine how immense the quality of the product must be?!?

MUFE made a prominent effect in beauty this week, creating looks for Perry Ellis, Jackie Rogers, Nary Manivong, Diego Bineti and Samantha Pleet. The boutique carries every shade and hue imaginable, to create any type of look. From glycerin to create artificial tears and sweat, to brush belts and makeup tables. One of my favorite features includes the case that displays 22 sets of lashes, and a model wearing each set. There are also a few photo albums mounted on the wall with clippings of models wearing Make Up For Ever products, with product names beside them.

The staff was so knowledgeable and friendly, and I know that every time someone stops by, they will be there to help in anyway possible. There are 3 floors to the boutique, the top floor is used for private photo shoots and things of the like. MUFE offers lessons, so if you want to learn the inside tricks, this is a great place to do it. So official, I love it!!

As you know, you can find the best consumer friendly MUFE products at Sephora and, but if you want to purchase an exclusive to the line, it's best to call the store and order directly from there. There were a few products that caught my attention in the sea of products, here are a few!

Mat Velvet+ Foundation gives you a shine free look. Kareth advises you to use a powder for extra coverage. (Can you believe the range of colors they have??)

Star Powders contain an absolute ridiculous amount of color. Can't get enough of these. Wearing them with Eye Seal creates the perfect smudge proof, water proof eye. Woo hoo!!

Pure Water is a liquid cleanser that washes off all of your makeup effortlessly. Feels like you are wiping your makeup off with water. So amazing.

Diamond Powder
is vivid, lustrous and takes makeup to the next level. There is no other shimmer like it! You MUST have these!!!

Well, there's the inside scoop in the amazing Make Up For Ever. I am absolutely ecstatic about revealing the step-by-step Fall Craze. I hope you are ready for it too!!!

Many, many thanks to Kareth and Gina at the boutique, Kristen for modeling her effortless beauty and many thanks to Jade Anderson for capturing the beauty and sophistication of the boutique (and Kristen, of course) through her fabulous photography! For permission to use these images, please e-mail me at

Questions about MUFE? Contact them directly at 800.757.5175